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          Product Catalog
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          Zhongyu Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of fire hose,PVC hose, coupling, branchpipe . Our main products include single jacket, double jacket hose. Lining is natural, PVC,PU or EPDM. Our hose is for marine, mill, forest, fire-fighting and industry. Meanwhile, we produce storz coupling, instantaneous coupling(BS), NPSH coupling, stroz branchpipe, BS branchpipe, etc.
          Learn more by visiting http://www.zyfire.com .

          • zhongyu fire-fighting equipment co., ltd.
          • Chengzhong cun Jiangyan City
          • 225500
          • 86-523-88802123
          • 86-523-88801386
          • merry zhang (manager)
          • 0086-523-88802123

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